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Serving Customers Better in the Manufacturing Aftermarket

How can manufacturers boost parts sales, customer loyalty and profitability in 2023? For manufacturers, keeping up with increasing aftermarket demands is crucial. Partful surveyed 200 executives from..

Removing Blockers to Revenue: How to Avoid Parts Misidentification

If the phrase “square peg in a round hole” has you immediately thinking back to that time your customer ordered the wrong part, then spent the entire week trying to make the thing work (even though..

Maeving: Case Study

Customer Profile Maeving manufactures electric motorcycles, creating a unique marriage of classic British engineering and the finest electrical innovation. Innovation is at the heart of what they..

The 2023 Aftermarket Demand Report

Can manufacturers meet the growing demands of the aftermarket? The right to repair movement is gaining momentum, and manufacturers are facing mounting pressure to provide easier access to spare parts..

Allett Mowers increases revenue by eliminating part misidentification with Partful

Customer Profile Austin Jarrett, the Managing Director of Allett Mowers, leads a passionate team dedicated to lawn care and sports services. Allett Mowers specializes in manufacturing..

How digital replicas help manufacturers enhance their after sales CX

There is a strong commercial argument for organizations to invest in an enhanced customer experience (CX) – with a growing wealth of evidence demonstrating the potential ROI this provides.

Why a standard e-Commerce solution will make your parts problem worse

As a manufacturer, you want your e-commerce journey to be enjoyable, so customers will continue to buy parts online, freeing up your team to focus on the business and not taking parts enquiries over..

Improving functionality and performance with Three.js custom shaders

Software engineer Kyle Watson has been making improvements on SamsonVT's approach to CORE 3D rendering, and this is what he found using Three.js custom shaders.

Why giving customers easy access to parts information is essential

If manufacturers want to build better relationships with their customers, providing easy access to after sales information is a must.

How to stop the damage caused by incorrect parts identification

The implications when customers incorrectly identify replacement product parts are far from trivial – for either the customer or the manufacturer.