Triangle Tube Boosts Their Customer Experience With 3D Aftersales Service

3 July 2024

Customer Profile

Triangle Tube, an innovator and industry leader in manufacturing and supplying quality stainless steel hot water heating equipment, has kept families warm since 1946. 

With operations spanning North America and Europe, Triangle Tube has seen significant growth and transformation over the past 40-50 years.

From manufacturing coils for oil-based boilers, TriangleTube has evolved to designing and producing advanced heating systems.

The Challenge: Enhancing Customer Experience and After-Sales Support

Triangle Tube faced several challenges in its after-sales process, including information gaps about its products, incorrect part orders, and the need for more efficient customer support.

These issues were particularly pressing given the critical nature of their products in providing heating solutions, where delays could lead to significant customer dissatisfaction.

Triangle Tube needed a modern, comprehensive solution to streamline its spare parts management and improve end-to-end customer experience.

Working with Partful 

Triangle Tube needed a partner that could offer a robust, customer-centric solution to their spare parts challenges. They chose Partful for its advanced 3D capabilities and alignment with Triangle Tube's needs and values. Regular calls and updates ensured that both teams were aligned and that any issues were promptly addressed.

Key reasons for choosing Partful:

  • 3D interactivity over static 2D parts catalogs: Partful provides an immersive, user-friendly, 3D parts catalogue which allows customers to identify and order the correct parts effortlessly. Thereby reducing errors and improving efficiency.
  • Digitized After-Sales Process: By digitizing the aftersales process, Partful eliminates inefficiencies and enhances revenue opportunities.
  • Cultural and Value Alignment: Partful shares Triangle Tube’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, making it a perfect partnership.

Key Outcomes 

The seamless integration of advanced technology into their operations demonstrates the power of innovative solutions in driving business success. 

The key outcomes of this partnership include:

  1. Efficiency and Accuracy: Customers can now confidently identify and order the correct parts, reducing downtime and increasing satisfaction.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Partful’s understanding of both Triangle Tube and its end customers will lead to a significantly improved customer experience.
  3. Innovation and Accessibility: Partful's cutting-edge technology has been seamlessly integrated into TriangleTube’s operations, enhancing its traditional engineering business.
  4. Cultural Alignment: The partnership has been harmonious, with Partful’s customer-centric approach complementing Triangle Tube’s culture.

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  • “I think this platform is going to be cutting edge. I have a feeling people are going to pick up, copy and implement this as well.” -  Maureen Campbell (General Manager and Director of Finance)

  • With the help of Partful, we'll be able to help with the aftersales process. This will help build continued trust and maintain that stronger relationship.” - Sam Ahlzadeh (Marketing Coordinator)

  • They [customers] can go take a screenshot. They can circle exactly what part they're looking at. That's a conversation that only takes about two minutes because of Partful." Jacob Lanuza (Project Engineer)

  • "Our tech guys get off the phone that much faster and we have happier customers.” - Jacob Lanuza (Project Engineer)

For businesses looking to streamline their aftersales processes and improve customer satisfaction, Partful offers a cutting-edge solution that brings that positive change within your business. 

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