The Truly Interactive 3D Exploded Parts Catalog & Work Instructions

OEM aftersales, engineering and technical documentation teams use Partful to create 3D Exploded EPCs for parts sales in minutes.

Your Aftersales Digital Thread
Supporting OEMs globally
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OEMs, dealers and end users love our platform

67% of OEMs' parts sales are lost to third-party sellers. Why?


Impossible parts identification with PDFs and 2D flatline drawings

Outdated part information due to lack of digital thread

Lack of E-commerce and online ordering

Independent sellers who offer better experiences

Paper Instructions
without Partful...

Incorrect part orders due to part misidentification and outdated parts information


Manual orders by phone and Excel sheets lead to bad customer and dealer experience


No digital thread or integration means manual parts information updates every time changes happen to CAD and BoMs

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Frustrated customers and dealers opt for independent sellers and suppliers while you lose out on revenue

with Partful...

Fool-proof parts identification with stunning 3D exploded view


Modern parts E-commerce that keeps your dealers and customers coming back every time


Show off your products proudly and elevate your brand experience


Watch your parts revenue skyrocketing!

3D Exploded Parts Catalog

Let your customers and dealers instantly find the right parts and click to order in one exploded view.


Identify your parts in seconds with a 3D interactive exploded view of your products.


Parts E-Commerce 3.0 enables modern online ordering and parts revenue at a whole new level.


Onboard and manage your Aftersales Team and Dealers into one platform for all your products. Monitor their orders and apply discounts in a click.

3D Work Instructions

Our Work Instructions lets you customize and provide your end users a unique training experience in stunning 3D. It allows your end users to instantly find the right instruction and steps. Say goodbye to digging through stacks of PDF manuals trying to match things up. And say hello to an immersive training experience at your finger tips.


Fool-proof training experience like no other


Goodbye PDF manuals. Hello 3D immersive era


Save thousands on training and re-training

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“Exceptionally innovative product which we bought as an excellent parts catalog, quickly realised this has so many other brilliant uses. Highly recommend Partful"


Austin Jarrett

Managing Director & Owner

Testimonial from our customers
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"Partful has all the qualities of a new fast-moving tech business with a very niche product!"


Timothy Stirrup

Head of Delivery and Aftersales

Testimonial from our customers
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“At Norton Motorcycles we deliver modern luxury, Partful enables our network to experience this brilliantly. The products enhance the users experience in today's world of modern digital expectations"

Norton Motorcycles

Work Instructions Customer

Testimonial from our customers
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“Quick to implement requested changes, consistent communication throughout the entire project, and willing to provide the necessary support to keep the project moving forward"


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