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Having lived a life in industry we know first hand how tough manufacturing can be, particularly delivering great after sales care.  

Our unique 3D software platform  is easy to use and flexible enough to support the diverse environments manufacturers are faced with.  

Whether your customers are struggling from finding and ordering parts or accessing the correct assembly or maintenance of the product, Partful has you covered.

Our tried and tested software is being used by manufacturers around the world who are putting the customers at the heart of their operations. 

Help us bring all your parts together.



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We are a close team made up of engineers, data scientists, entrepreneurs, CAD designers and apprentices among many other professions. We strive for excellence in all we do, ensuring our customers receive the best service possible, through precise and open communication.


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It is through our core values that Partful has established a respectful relationship with the manufacturing industry, creating an innovative platform that offers seamless parts procurement and digital work instructions.

We pride ourselves on our core values


Strive for excellence

We believe in helping people do things better.  Our people are optimistic, self assured and display a confidence to step into the unknown.


Stay sharp

Staying sharp means ensuring we ask precise questions, we are focused on the right solutions and we provide agile support in a timely manner.


Own it

We don’t wait to be told, we create the plan ourselves. If you pass something to us, we assume responsibility. Our communications are crystal clear and we hold ourselves and each other accountable.

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Experts who love what we do

Adam Crowder Senior Data Scientist
Adam Crowder
Senior Data Scientist

Adam is passionate about mathematics and engineering with a particular affinity for algorithm design. With a PhD in Numerical Analysis, Adam is keen on implementing his problem-solving skills creatively to help solve real-world challenges.

James Ledger 3D Engineer Team Lead
James Ledger
3D Engineer Team Lead

James has been building computers from old parts since he was 10 and has since worked on everything from lawnmowers to supercars. He's passionate about continuous improvement and implementing changes quickly and effectively.

Natalie Wilsdon Director of Product
Natalie Wilsdon
Director of Product

With nearly 15 years' experience in the tech sector, Natalie is passionate about understanding the unexplored opportunities for 3D technology to solve real-world problems customers experience, not just technical problems.

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