Allett Mowers increases revenue by eliminating part misidentification with Partful

5 December 2022

Customer Profile

Austin Jarrett, the Managing Director of Allett Mowers, leads a passionate team dedicated to lawn care and sports services. Allett Mowers specializes in manufacturing specialized lawn mowing equipment used in top stadiums worldwide. They also produce cylinder mowers for homeowners. 

Allett Mowers takes pride in its long history dating back to 1965, with a commitment to supplying spare parts for their products, even those manufactured decades ago. Spare parts account for 10-15% of their sales and play a crucial role in ensuring the longevity of their high-quality machines.

The Challenge: Demanding part ordering needs for maintaining World Cup uptime

Allett Mowers faced several challenges related to spare parts management. As a global business with customers in 46 countries, they encountered linguistic barriers and the need for standardised part numbers to ensure efficient communication and seamless transactions. Moreover, the demand for spare parts was driven by immovable deadlines, particularly for events like the World Cup, where their equipment had to perform flawlessly.

To address these challenges, Allett Mowers needed a solution that could consolidate and streamline their spare parts lookup process, enhancing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Working with Partful 

Over two years ago, Allett Mowers embarked on a quest to find the perfect partner for their spare parts needs. Their criteria for selection were distinct and non-negotiable: a long-term partner providing an affordable solution. A company that shares its core values, and offers a modern, customer-centric approach to the spare parts lookup process. After meticulous evaluation, they made the decision to team up with Partful, a decision that would prove pivotal in their journey.

Partful embodies all the qualities Allett were looking for in a partner:

  • A fully Interactive 3D parts catalogue with exploded views provides a seamless experience for its dealers and customers.
  • A language-agnostic platform which satisfies its global operations and dealer network.
  • A fully digitised after-sales process that eliminates existing inefficiencies and lost revenue opportunities.

Beyond being technically proficient and passionate about the work we do, Partful aligns seamlessly with Allett Mowers' values.

What sealed the deal was Partful's ability to present not just a solution, but a forward-thinking, hyper-modern one, attuned to the evolving needs of Allett Mowers and their customers.


Since going live with Partful's spare parts management solution a few months ago, Allett Mowers has witnessed significant improvements. While transitioning wasn't without its challenges, everyone involved exhibited remarkable patience and support, ensuring the successful implementation of the system.

The key outcomes of this partnership include:

  1. Efficiency and Accuracy: Allett Mowers' customers can now confidently find the right spare parts, improving order accuracy and reducing downtime.
  2. Enhanced Customer Experience: Partful's commitment to understanding both Allett Mowers as the client and their end customers has led to an improved overall customer experience.
  3. Revenue Generation: Partful's focus on the bottom line and understanding the commercial aspect of Allett Mowers' business has translated into increased revenues.
  4. Innovation and Accessibility: The young and professional team at Partful brings cutting-edge technology to Allett Mowers, making it accessible to their traditional engineering business.
  5. Cultural Alignment: The friendly and customer-centric approach of Partful complements Allett Mowers' culture, ensuring a harmonious partnership.


  • "You're a young team, you're really professional, you are working with cutting edge technology and making that accessible to an old engineering business like us with customers that need to be satisfied every day". - Austin Jarrett (Managing Director)
  • "Partful have just been so patient with us. They have been so helpful to actually make sure that we can deliver to them what we needed to do, to make sure we were successful". - Austin Jarrett 
  • "There's a team of people at Partful who are so committed to making this work. I think the whole Partful experience for me has been great". - Austin Jarrett
  • "We felt that [working with Partful] was a cultural fit. We felt it was a really advanced solution and actually two years on, that's exactly what they've delivered". - Austin Jarrett

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