Outdated Tech damages your bottom line, OEMs!

12 February 2024


In this episode, we delve into the world of manufacturing aftersales, exposing the detrimental impact of outdated technologies and processes on OEMs' growth. 

We welcome two new guests to the show from Quotebeam: CEO Roman Piszcz and Head of Partnerships, Nikki Gonzales.

Join them as they unravel the challenges and present groundbreaking solutions in automation, automotive, machinery, and more.

Mentioned in this episode:

  • To listen to Nikki and Ali's podcast, Automation Ladies - head to automationladies.io
  • Save time searching for competitively priced automation parts. Search, find, and get the parts you need shipped to keep your projects on track, with Quotebeam. 
  • With Partful, digitise your after-sales processes and let your dealers, customers and end-users identify and buy parts hassle-free. No more Excel sheets, 2D outdated drawings, emails and back-and-forth calls. 
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