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Serving Customers Better in the Manufacturing Aftermarket

How can manufacturers boost parts sales, customer loyalty and profitability in 2023? For manufacturers, keeping up with increasing aftermarket demands is crucial. Partful surveyed 200 executives from..

Removing Blockers to Revenue: How to Avoid Parts Misidentification

If the phrase “square peg in a round hole” has you immediately thinking back to that time your customer ordered the wrong part, then spent the entire week trying to make the thing work (even though..

How to get ahead of Rights to Repair, without compromising IP

Author: Tanya Tran - Head of Marketing Legislation that grants consumers the right to repair their own products continues to be passed by governments around the world. This movement has been..

Right to Repair regulations: What they mean for OEMs

Author: Tanya Tran - Head of Marketing at Partful In recent years, the Right to Repair movement has gained significant momentum. In the UK, it’s led to the implementation of regulations aimed at..

Are you Right to Repair ready?

The world is heading towards a greener, more eco-conscious future. This isn’t just being driven by consumers. It’s also coming from businesses asking suppliers to consider their ESG objectives, and..

The 2023 Aftermarket Demand Report

Can manufacturers meet the growing demands of the aftermarket? The right to repair movement is gaining momentum, and manufacturers are facing mounting pressure to provide easier access to spare parts..

Digital solutions aid sustainable start-ups leapfrog legacy players

Today’s start-up manufacturers are born out of agile thinking. They identify the traditional processes that take up valuable time and money, and find ways to make them more efficient and effective...

UK SME Manufacturers want a Dedicated Minister

● 71% say they want a minister that is fully focused on manufacturing● 78% say inflation is the industry’s top current challengeAlmost three quarters (71%) of small to medium-sized manufacturers..