The Data Elephant

15 January 2024


Join the chat with our data guru—Parris Hall alongside your hosts, Sam Burgess, and Tanya Tran, as they unravel the quirks and challenges in the world of aftersales and data management. 

In this episode, we uncover the struggles and solutions in this critical domain.

We welcome Partful’s Head of Customer Success, Parris Hall, a seasoned professional immersed in aftersales data. Parris shares her insights into the types of data prevalent in OEM after-sales and the challenges posed by outdated processes.

The conversation delves into common data management practices, exploring formats and how aftersales teams handle information. Parris and Sam detail the issues arising from these practices and dissect the disconnect between engineering and aftersales.

Crucially, the episode offers actionable insights for OEMs seeking to revamp their data management strategies. 

Tune in now to revolutionize your approach and stay ahead in the OEM landscape!

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