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Working at Partful is...

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We share knowledge and learn together. Our teams discuss ideas both in the boardroom and in the bar downstairs. We believe diversity provides a wealth of experience and the ability to approach problems from a well rounded perspective.  

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We understand the importance of flexibility. We champion hybrid-working. Our office is dog-friendly and should childcare fail, your children are invited too. Our hours are flexible to allow for appointments and drop-offs without the need to take a full day of leave. 

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Our employees are developing cutting edge technologies. Being on the team at Partful means maximising your potential and getting recognition when you do. Progression opportunities are always available for individuals that show initiative and skill.

"The team is very cohesive, friendly and supportive"

It's a great working environment with a lot of possibilities to grow and learn new technologies.

We pride ourselves on our core values


Strive for excellence

We believe in helping people do things better.  Our people are optimistic, self assured and display a confidence to step into the unknown.


Stay sharp

Staying sharp means ensuring we ask precise questions, we are focused on the right solutions and we provide agile support in a timely manner.


Own it

We don’t wait to be told, we create the plan ourselves. If you pass something to us, we assume responsibility. Our communications are crystal clear and we hold ourselves and each other accountable.


Our experts who love what we do

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James Ledger
3D Engineer Team Lead

James has been building computers from old parts since he was 10 and has since worked on everything from lawnmowers to supercars. He's passionate about continuous improvement and implementing changes quickly and effectively.

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Adam Crowder
Senior Data Scientist

Adam is passionate about mathematics and engineering with a particular affinity for algorithm design. With a PhD in Numerical Analysis, Adam is keen on implementing his problem-solving skills creatively to help solve real-world challenges.

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