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Partful Brand Announcement

Untitled (Instagram Story)Our story of SamsonVT all started with me, a rain-soaked equipment operator in the army 15 years ago, trying to read paper manuals and catalogs while fixing machines. Now we are at an important milestone in our company's growth where we have realised we need to make it easier for our existing and future customers to understand what we do.

Therefore, we are going to move forward as Partful. I believe that this name will become the go-to aftermarket solution for OEMs worldwide.

The journey we have taken to get here is full of discoveries, wins and losses. We hope the story below will help you better understand the why behind this rebrand.

Sam Burgess
CEO - Partful

Our Rebrand Story: Finding Our Missing PART

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From that equipment operator sat in the rain trying to read an outdated PDF parts catalog and manual, to a team of 45 striving to solve the disconnected parts of the manufacturing aftermarket industry. Everything we do is about parts. Be it the pain of incorrect parts identification, or the manual part ordering processes. Or the hidden beauty of a well-engineered piece of art. Yes! Engineering products are artworks.
We love them no matter what they are. Cars, bikes, buses, tractors, phones or a humble lawnmower. We love them all. And we want to show them off with our stunning 3D technology.

We want them to be maintained, repaired and cared for in the easiest way possible. Making parts sales an enjoyable and smooth experience for both our clients and their customers is 100% the way to get there.

But we have been overlooking our own disconnect.


Our Own Disconnect

We have been calling ourselves something else. Something that doesn’t instantly remind you of what we do. We are known as SamsonVT.

We were confused, and we know our clients were too. We have hundreds of stories about how confused we made our audience with our name. To the people who think we’re Samsung TV, we’d like to say: the honour would be ours if Samsung would like to make it easier for their TVs to be repaired by opting for our 3D explosion parts catalogue!

All sales-y talks aside, we wanted to make it easier for our customers to understand who we are and what we do. That's when we decided to embark on a journey of attempting to pull our parts together.

We spent months debating, researching, brainstorming, and ideating. We were conflicted with the idea of changing our name because let’s be honest, every company hates and is scared of rebranding. But we are not rebranding. We are reconsolidating.

And that's when it hit us - Partful.

We already have Partful as our product brand name. It's the perfect name. It's simple, easy to remember, and captures the essence of what we do - we give our clients and their end users the ability to Explode. Click. Buy. parts and Fix. products. In seconds.

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We are Partful! Fully Connected.

And we decided that from now on, we will be known as Partful - the only truly interactive 3D explosion parts catalogue and work instructions software.

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We are now Partful. We will still keep SamsonVT in our back pocket as we have other grand plans. But there will be no more confusion, no more misspellings and hopefully, minimal explanation of our mission.

We're excited about this new chapter in our journey. We're still the same company you've come to know and our client's trust, but now we have a name that reflects who we truly are - Partful.

So here's to the part where the plot twists. We may have changed our name, but our commitment to bringing all the world’s parts together remains the same. We can't wait to continue growing as Partful.


Our Rebrand Through the Eyes of the Team


Our Mission

Our mission is to enable OEMs to eliminate parts identification issues and manual processes and create an after sales experience that is outstanding for our customers, alongside their dealers and end users. We’re on a mission to bring the world’s parts together.

What we do best:

  1. Fool-proof parts identification. No need for technical knowledge, serial numbers or jargon, it’s all about that immersive 3D visual identification.
  2. Mind-blowing parts ordering and work training experience with a stunning 3D immersive and interactive interface.
  3. Letting you showcase your products proudly with ease.
  4. Enabling your parts sale revenue increase and saving you thousands on operational and training costs.

Products Under the Brand

We are bringing our products under one brand: 

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Our vision is for Partful to become a fully integrated and streamlined after-sales enablement platform that supports our customers in selling and processing parts orders efficiently to provide their customers, dealers and end users with easy-to-use work instructions. This way, customers, end users and dealers are happy from start to finish.

New Web App Look

We will also be moving our web app to to make it simpler for our customers and their users.

Our customers will be able to access their login portal for both Partful parts catalogue and work instructions (either or both, whichever is applicable to them) using an easy link like below:

This will make it much simpler and easier for our clients to navigate to their parts catalogue/work instructions. Everything is now on All that's required is to type partful on a browser and easily find our website and login portal to the platform. No more svt-app. No more confusion.Untitled design (30)

New Website

We chose .io domain to better reflect us as a pioneering SaaS startup in the aftermarket software industry. Take a look around our new website, we are really proud of it. You can still access our website through and you will be automatically redirected to our website. As mentioned, we are keeping for grander plans for our company’s future developments.


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