Improving Aftersales at Briggs Automotive Company

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The BAC Mono

Briggs Automotive Company (BAC) is a British car manufacturing company based in Speke, Liverpool. BAC developed the world’s first road legal single-seater supercar – the BAC Mono.

The BAC Mono is highly acclaimed, with some of the supercars highlights including:

- GQ Track Day Car of the Year (2012)
- Top Gear Stig's Car of the Year (2011)

The Mono offers customers a purist driving experience; it’s a car built by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts without any compromise on performance.

“From now on, any car collection is incomplete without a Mono”

- Nick Trott, Editor, EVO Magazine

The Need For Speed

BAC have an incredibly close relationship with their customer base, with a large majority living outside of the UK. With their Liverpool workshop being out of reach for many, BAC's biggest challenge is teaching their Mono owners how to properly service, maintain and repair their specialist vehicles. This has been magnified by the rising COVID-19 pandemic and all of its associated restrictions. BAC does not have the tools required to globally distribute information on demand or provide remote training.

Currently, all of the BAC's work instructions are downloadable PDFs - static, outdated and difficult to decipher. Mono owners need a smarter, faster way to be able to understand their vehicles - a solution as innovative as the car itself.
Simplifying technical publications with the cloud-integrated Virtual Twin, enables BAC to better support their global vehicle fleet with minimal dealers and no formal macro training facilities; offering reassurance and satisfaction to the the entire user community.

Virtual Twin

The Virtual Twin - Around The Globe

Partful is now delivering the Virtual Twin to BAC. This Cloud integrated platform will create a globally accessible, understandable and interactive experience to support the visualisation of BAC's 4 key work instructions:

  • Track day setup
  • Removal of body panels
  • Basic service guide
  • Electronic parts catalogue

BAC Mono owners will now have the ability to own a specialist vehicle with the comfortable assurance that they have the tools necessary to care for their supercar. Partful enables a new standard of customer support during the after sales
period, regardless of the owner's location and language.


Working in partnership with BAC, we look to support the increased production goal of 150-200 vehicles per year by improving the overall aftersales journey and globally increasing the availability of information on demand for Mono owners. With the use of Partful and the Cloud-integrated Virtual Twin, BAC can comfortably cater to a global market and deliver world-class after sales support.