Serving customers better in the manufacturing aftermarket

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Manufacturers: Boost customer loyalty, part sales and profitability

Struggling with parts order accuracy? Customers using non-OEM products? You are not alone. Recent research suggests 81% of manufacturers are struggling to service customers due to problems with parts ordering accuracy. 

Astonishingly, almost a quarter of UK manufacturers say this affects at least 1 in every 20 orders. Parts sales contribute around a fifth of turnover for the average SME, that is a significant stream of revenue that is open to errors, delays and refunds! 

To understand why part sales are such a problem for manufacturers, Partful commissioned independent research to evaluate the impact this is having on the industry. 

Key findings: 

  • Almost half of SMEs incur heavy financial cost because of order errors.

  • 26% feel the biggest consequence affects customer satisfaction.*

  • 44% of customer mistakes were due to the misidentification of parts. 

To learn more about the problem and how manufacturers can take steps to redress these issues, delivering a market-leading customer experience, download the Better serving customers in the manufacturing aftermarket study below! 

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Partful teamed up with independent research provider Sapio, to evaluate the impact order errors in the manufacturing aftermarket are having on the industry.

This study highlights those findings and the solutions available to manufacturers looking to overcome this challenge.

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