Platform terms and definitions

This article provides you with the terms we use in the platform and their definitions to help you navigate your 3D parts catalog.

Terms Definitions Examples

A model is a 3D product listing that is shown on the home screen of your parts catalog. 

For example, the Disc Harrow and the Generic Car Engine on the right are both models.

Part name/Part display name Part name or Part display name is the name of the part belonging to a model. You can see the term "part name" in the Search bar across the platform while "Part display name" can be seen in the Edit part details pop-up window. Partful parts catalog
Part number

Part number is the unique number assigned to a part or a group of the same parts. It can mean supersession or part series number in some industries such as Automotive.

Part number has all the other part attributes attached to it including part name, price and custom attributes. One part number cannot have multiple different part names, prices or custom attributes associated with it.

Part numnbers partful
Object 3D reference
This is the name of a given object within the 3D CAD file. A Object 3D reference can only be associated with a single part number, though multiple Object 3D references can be associated with the same part number.
Product library/ library This is where all your models (products) are displayed.