Improving the aftermarket customer experience to increase revenue

Case study: Agriculture

Improving the aftermarket customer experience to increase revenue

Project Background

The recently appointed Managing Director (MD) of Company X* had inherited their British family business and wanted to understand available digital opportunities in order to tighten current parts ordering processes and increase revenue.

Company X had been operating at the same status quo for over 16 years and had built a loyal customer base. Following a company audit, it had become clear there was room for improvement to tighten processes and increase revenues but it was key that any new implementations did not upset current customers.  

The MD knew that changes needed to be made to bring the company into the modern world and increase efficiency, customer satisfaction and revenues but wasn’t sure how. 

*The company wishes to remain anonymous for the purpose of the case study and will be referred to as Company X

The Brief

  • Use digital technologies to tighten current processes
  • Reduce number of customer service calls each month
  • Ensure a technology payback time of under 12 months




Partful: Digital parts catalogue

The Challenge

Changing perceptions and routines of a long established customer base

Company X is undergoing a period of transition as the MD settles into their new role and makes changes to a system structure spanning over 16 years. One of the key challenges is to ensure existing customers remain satisfied with the level of service provided while adjustments are made. The customer base is loyal, and many have been with the company as long as it has traded. It is the MD's fear that change may prompt these customers to move elsewhere. 

It was important to the MD that the return on investment had a payback time of under 12 months to minimise disruption. The software needed to be implemented and have made a positive impact within that time to prevent customer loss.

The Solution

An interactive 3D parts catalogue to simplify processes and change perceptions

SamsonVT began working with Company X in January 2022. Since then, we’ve successfully implemented, trialled and rolled out Partful to the 37 of the company's employees.   

Our main objective was to simplify processes to increase revenues, whilst still maintaining customer satisfaction. It was clear that Partful was a good fit for the requirements of the company.

Now, just under 8 months later, the software has been implemented and feedback has been gathered. We have worked with each Parts Manager to measure customer satisfaction levels as well as productivity within the team.

“The platform was surprisingly easy to use and after a successful trial by my team, Partful has been implemented across the company.” - Parts Manager

The Solution

Utilisation of key Partful features to improve the customer experience and drive efficiency

  • Intuitive navigation 
  • Simple to use search function 
  • Historic parts details 
  • Point and click parts ordering 
  • Multiple shopping carts
  • Fully branded platform

The Solution

1:1 case building with a dedicated account manager to ensure quickest payback time

To ensure that the company received the maximum value when implementing Partful, a dedicated account manager worked with the key decision makers to understand where benefits of implementation lay. By working together, SamsonVT was able to draw out the key Partful features required to reach the wider business goals set out by Company X in the shortest possible time.


By implementing Partful, simplifying the parts ordering process and improving customer experience, the company was able to see an increase in revenue of 48% within 8 months. The company is now in a better position to develop customer relationships and explore additional revenue streams.


Result of implementing Partful;



parts revenue increase


8 months

to see return on investment



fewer customer service calls

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